Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just Arrived in our E Store: One New Man Bible

Sid Roth from It's Supernatural says:

We want to equip you with a revolutionary new Bible translation that corrects a 2,000-year-old misunderstanding. The New Covenant was written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit byJewish people for Jewish people who understood the first-century Jewish customs and expressions.

There is no other Bible like this!

Now let's fast-forward 2,000 years. In addition to the lack of cultural knowledge, the church has been infected with anti-Jewish theology. On top of that, many Bible translators lacked a knowledge of spiritual gifts and the ways of the Holy Spirit.
As a result, the tenses used in English translations are often wrong and the words are not as sharp and expressive of the power of the supernatural.
This is why I encouraged my friend, Willam Morford, to translate a fresh new version of the inspired Word of God. William is a Greek scholar who studied under an amazing Hebrew scholar and rabbi — the grandson of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, the architect of modern-day Hebrew.

I suggested for the Old Testament that William use an approved Jewish translation that was in the public domain. Then he updated the archaic words and added 4,000 footnotes explaining the Jewish roots, customs and expressions. There is no other Bible like this! William Morford's New Covenant translation is the crispest, sharpest and most powerful I know for understanding the supernatural. When I read this expressive language, my faith soars!

Even as a Jewish believer in the Messiah, I am learning amazing revelation of first-century customs from this new Bible's 170-page glossary.It is impossible to understand the New Testament fully without this Jewish roots understanding. Even long-time Bible readers will gain fresh insights into the thinking of the New Testament authors, the Apostles, and especially Yeshua, with this first-of-its-kind translation. It will be as if you are reading the Bible for the first time!

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